Addressing Hunger and Food Insecurity in Our Communities - Shared screen with speaker view
Owen Sindler
Where does the term food insecurity come from? Why not just call it hunger?
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. ... Hunger refers to a personal, physical sensation of discomfort, while food insecurity refers to a lack of available financial resources for food at the household level.Do you see food distribution programs as actually “solving” food insecurity or just offering temporary support in addressing the immediate needs of individuals? What can we do to develop large scale economic and food security ?
Lauren Karch, MS '15 - Alumni Relations
That's a great response, Margaux!
Manthan Gandhi '06, he/him
Natalie, thank you for the added context.
Arnie Kohen
Hunger is a physiological response whereas food insecurity refers to more economic factors. Just my take on it.
Virginia Mahoney
My understanding is also that food insecurity relates to the availability of healthy food. Some people who are food insecure could easily go to a fast food place and get food from the dollar menu, but they don't necessarily have the financial or community resources to consistently get healthy fresh foods.
Patricia Giordano
I think the word “insecurity” conveys the socioeconomic aspect. I mother who cannot reliably provide for her family unit suffers anxiety that goes beyond the next meal.
Owen Sindler
Thanks for the followups. Such as people who live in food deserts.
Nikki Bromberg, She/Her
Thank you for all of the input and for furthering the conversation!
Patricia Giordano
Yes, that is consistent with my understanding, but here to learn more!
Sara Keiffer
Well said, Margaux!
Paul Johnson
Food insecurity is a major issue at colleges. I am a professor at Montgomery County Community College and we have a food pantry. Also at home our community organized a MLK Day Food Donation Drive. Some went to our local food pantry and I pushed for a portion for some to go to the FIRB program at Delco County Community College. They appreciated it so much.
Paul Johnson
Lauren Karch, MS '15 - Alumni Relations
Great work, Paul. Thank you for sharing!
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
The reason why people in leadership don’t want to solve hunger ties directly to the idea of privilege. If everyone is given access and opportunity, those in power may not remain in power. You can’t be on top if there isn’t a heirarchy
Cara Scharf
Thanks, Paul - there's a local scholar in Philly, Sarah Goldrick-Rab, who works on this issue (at Temple). Here's a recent publication about food insecurity during the pandemic: https://hope4college.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Hopecenter_RealCollegeDuringthePandemic.pdf
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
I wonder if a college education didn’t cost so much, would food insecurity be as big of an issue at colleges? Instead of raising money for a food bank, would it be more impactful to address affordability of education and housing, etc.? Just a general rhetorical question toe think about.
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
Put that money into scholarships and allow students to choose how to use it…
Paul Johnson
We are hoping to a do a contactless food donation drive for 2021 MLK Day of Service. I think I've also seen some virtual donation drives were donors can donate online to purchase products instead of searching through their personal inventory.
Nikki Bromberg, She/Her
Amazing points Natalie. We will make sure to address your points at the end. Though we could spend a lifetime on these issues.
Janet Fleetwood
And here's an article about social determinants of food insecurity among college students during COVID - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32825251/#:~:text=Overall%2C%2034.5%25%20of%20respondents%20were,within%20the%20last%2030%20days.&text=These%20findings%20highlight%20the%20high,pandemic%20being%20impacted%20the%20most.
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
Of course, just other things to think about
Gweny Love
Anyone who wants to partner with Mantua Worldwide Community, Inc. to give away food items to children and their families during our Toy-Give-Away this Saturday, Dec. 19th 2PM-5PM, please let me know. We expect a minimum of 150 children. I can be reached at GwenyUSA@gmail.com or (215) 703-7071
Patricia Giordano - 1988 BS ChemE
I am supportive of programs that teach children about nutrition and cooking. Does the data demonstrate that these are sustainably impactful over time?
Paul Johnson
I can remember growing up in West Philly and then attending Drexel. There were very limited regional/national scale grocery stores in West/Southwest from City Ave down to the airport. It was challenging for our family to go grocery shopping since we didn't have a car. There are few more options but some families still struggle logistically to acquire food and rely more on corner stores.
Jena for president!
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
Panelists: What do you think would be the most impactful policy change(s) to address food insecurity in Philadelphia? Nationwide? In a perfect world
Orlando Lam
what is the greatest source of food waste - is it restaurants, grocery stores, etc.? and what kind of efforts are made to slow it at the source? how has covid affected this - especially with restaurants operating at limited capacity and many closing?
How much government / municipal subsidies are out there & how are these resources currently deployed ? Probably inefficiently, how can we convey these resources correctly toplatforms like Sharing excess & other "on the ground" organizations to cover as many folks as possible?
Paul Johnson
Hi Patricia. I think I remember a non-profit near 60th and Chestnut that was doing something with youth around nutrition and cooking. Our communities have serious obesity and diabetes issues that could be stemmed.
Cara Scharf
@Paul - Drexel will be opening a food pantry in 2021! Not much out there about it yet but it is described here as they were raising money on Giving Tuesday: https://hope4college.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Hopecenter_RealCollegeDuringthePandemic.pdf
Cara Scharf
whoops wrong link... https://alumni.drexel.edu/s/1683/form/16/landing.aspx?sid=1683&gid=2&pgid=3385&content_id=3168
Patricia Giordano - 1988 BS ChemE
Paul, yes, there are several. I am hopeful that there are lasting positive effects. Just wondering if that is a good place to direct financial support compared to the short-term solution of feeding people, or is it both?
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
@Paul - Vetri Community Partnership does a lot of education around nutrition and education in schools and the community in Philadelphia.
Paul Johnson
Pat, Yes. I understand. Because it may build lifelong eating habits. I am sorry I can't remember the name of the organization.
Evan Ehlers '19 - (He/Him) - Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Paul Johnson
Thanks Cara.
Owen Sindler
I'm missing Drexel's community Garden and compost bins at 35th and Spring Garden..shut down becuase of Covid.
Evan Ehlers '19 - (He/Him) - Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
@John - Food subsidies - one of the largest is the Child Nutrition Program - summer and school meals program. They are limited in who they can distribute to but there is a lot of money available. The challenge is connecting the meals with the folks who need them and working within the nutritional guidelines
Paul Gondek
I must jump to another meeting, but this has been tremendously informative for me. Thank you to AR, the committee and the panel for a great program!
Paul Johnson
Thanks Paul G.
Lauren Karch, MS '15 - Alumni Relations
Drexel has the Eat Right Philly / SNAP-Ed program that educates students and families in the School District of Phila - https://deptapp08.drexel.edu/nutritioneducation/
Patricia Giordano - 1988 BS ChemE
Nikki - YES, well stated!
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
Thanks, Nikki! Well said
David Lanza '12 - Richmond, VA
Great convo, thank you!
Orlando Lam
thank you everyone
Paul Johnson
I also saw a farmer market up in NOrth Philly near 12th & Hunting Park. That was great to bring fresh produce to the community.
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
World Central Kitchen is awesome!
Sara Keiffer
WCK is an incredible org!
Also want to shout-out to our friends at St. Chris Hospital in N. Philly - pediatrician Dr. Hans Kersten leads Hunger-Free Health Care Center in diagnosis, education and food distribution
SB (she/they)
Jenay, thank you for being such a wonderful facilitator!
Natalie Shaak '15 (she/her)
Great job, Jenay!
Cara Scharf
North Philly also has the fantastic North Philly Peace Park!
Paul Johnson
Thank you. That resource guide would be great Nikki!
Paul Johnson
Hi Cindy and Lauren and Manthan
Lauren Karch, MS '15 - Alumni Relations
Hello friends! Thanks for joining us Paul :)
Sara Keiffer
Thank you so much!
Celeste Sumo
Thank you so much everyone!